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Cite right - concerning academic integrity

A self-study guide from the University Library



The Curtin University checklist for avoiding plagiarism

Make sure you have

1. Paraphrased correctly and included a reference to clearly indicate the parts of your work that are drawn from another person’s work.

2. Used direct quotations sparingly.

3. Provided a reference for every image, diagram or figure (unless you created it).

4. Included a reference list of all work cited.

5. If possible, kept a copy of the original sources that you have referred to.

6. NOT used copy and paste to take text from another source (unless it is a direct quote and you reference it).

7. NOT used another student’s work, or submitted someone’s work as your own.

8. NOT copied from a previous assignment submitted to this or any other unit.


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Note that above is a shortened version of the Curtin checklist. Click the link below if you wish to download the original and complete document.