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Cite right - concerning academic integrity

A self-study guide from the University Library

Academic Integrity

”If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton, 1676.

Academic integrity is the respect you show to a person who has written a text, made a discovery or hatched an idea. It is a fundamental principle at university colleges and universities that we build further on what others have done. A researcher or a student using a text, a discovery or an idea which another person has produced, as inspiration for their own work, must be careful to make a reference to this other person’s work. In this way you will be giving just recognition of what that person has produced, and for the work and time the person has put into it.

You must openly and explicitly in your exam answers and essays show your dependence on what others have written. If you show that respect for another author you will also deserve to be shown the same respect. This mutual respect between researchers and students creates a trusting work climate in which research work all over the world can be conducted and developed. Here as a student and researcher you can both “give” and be allowed to “take".

When you take your degree and complete your education, your academic integrity will mean that you will enter into working life on the basis of your own merits and your own knowledge.


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