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Financial Engineering and Mathematics – subject guide



How do I search?

Finding good keywords is essential. It would preferably be the words, terms, concepts that are often used in your subject area..

Sometimes you may need to use several related words, terms, concepts to find relevant material. You combine these words with OR, for example, computing OR processing OR calculating. This way either one or more of these words could be included in the material you find. Then, after some time you will maybe have to add some other words that will instead help to specify and focus your search. You do that by combining the search words with AND. If you select Advanced search, you will be assisted by the search form on the screen.

 Image showing a database's Advanced search interface.                                 


You can make other settings that limit the material you find before you begin your search. This includes.

  • Material type (articles, books, book chapters, web pages).
  • When the material is published.
  • If there has been a scientific review (peer review).

You can also filter the search results afterwards.


In many databases you can combine previous searches with the Search History function:

Image showing combined searches.