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Publishing in DiVA

How do I publish my essay in DiVA?

When you have written your essay, it is a requirement that you publish it in DiVA. DiVA is a search service for 49 different Higher Education Institutes in Sweden, where you can find both student essays and published research.

When you publish your essay in DiVA, it will then also be searchable in the search services for student essays LIBRIS Uppsök and Furthermore, it will be indexed in Urkund, which gives it some protection against possible attempts at plagiarism. See the links below to read more.

When registering, you can choose whether your essay should be visible only in Mälardalen University´s local DiVA directory or if it will also be searchable in the national DiVA.

On the Library's website you will find information on how to do step by step to register and publish your thesis in DiVA:


(DiVA stands for  Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet, approximately translated to English: Digital Scholarly Publication Archive.)

Online services for Swedish student essays