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Why should I search for literature?

Searching for and referring to other people’s texts is one of the cornerstones of academic writing. 

Referencing is important for several reasons. References separate your own ideas from quotes and arguments you have collected from other people. If you follow a certain system for how references should be written you will avoid suspicion of the text being plagiarised.

References can help to make your text more convincing. Citing a well-known researcher within your field can be a way to add weight to a statement you yourself make.

References show how the investigation you have done yourself fits into a wider context, for example when you compare your own findings and conclusions with those that other researchers have arrived at.


Here’s a tip if you’re not used to writing academically: Start by looking at a few examples of how sentences with references can be built up. With those at the back of your mind it will be easier to decide how the literature you find could be used in your own text!